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We understand that this may be a difficult time filled with many pivotal decisions. Please know that we will do our best to help you every step of the way, from the type of interment to the service. Our staff at Mount Hebron thinks through every detail to honor your loved one in the way you expect. We always strive to give you the time, expertise, and compassion we would give our own families.

There are many options available to you at Mount Hebron.  We are here to help.

Burial Sites

With inspiration from the surrounding magnificent trees and shrubs, you have more than 16 sections to choose from. Mount Hebron offers:

  • In-Ground Burials
  • Cremation Columbaria
  • Chapel Mausoleum
  • Crypt & Niche Spaces
  • Scatter Garden
  • Veterans Section including In-Ground Burials & Columbaria for Cremations


We are a Full Service Monument dealer offering a complete selection of monuments and memorials. Whether you need engravings, cleaning, restoration, repair or installation, we can do it. We handle Granite, Marble and Bronze. With over three dozen granite colors to choose from, we can match an existing monument OR you can design your own.

Burial Vaults

The quality of our burial vault & liners is unmatched. Trigard uses an arched lid design. Since ancient times, the arch has been used to impart strength and permanence to structures that have survived to this day. Our arched lid design distributes the weight load outward and downward to enhance the seal of the vault.

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