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Applies to one or more burial spaces provided for the right of sepulcher only. Mount Hebron Cemetery remains sole owner of the land.

Applies to the general care of the grass and grounds including the removal of debris, flowers, limbs, and the filling of sunken graves in accordance with a planned program by the Superintendent. Does not include watering of grass. Weather will affect the program and overall conditions.

Refers to the excavating of a grave, the back filling, tamping and seeding, or the opening of a crypt or niche and the closing and sealing thereof.

Refers to the individual who purchased the lot, crypt or niche and in whose name the Certificate was issued.

Refers to the birth lineage, (example, all those of the oldest living generation have first rights).

Sale and Purchase of Interment Rights

Interment rights are sold for the purpose of human interment only.

Interment rights can be purchased for individuals in a lot, crypt, or niche, through the Cemetery office by anyone, regardless of race, color, religion, or national origin.

  • Interment rights cannot be transferred except by the Original Purchaser(s) and with the approval of the Board of Managers, nor can they be subject to levy for payment of debts, pass by insolvency or pass into the hands of executors or administrators; but the rights and interest shall remain in the families of the Original Purchaser(s).
  • The Original Purchaser(s), his or her spouse, mother, father, direct descendents by course of descent may be interred in a lot, crypt or niche.
  • During their lifetime, only the Original Purchaser(s) or spouse may grant the privilege of interment in the lot, crypt or niche to any other person. When there are no direct descendants of the Original Purchaser(s), collateral descendants and their spouses may be interred in the lot, crypt or niche.
  • Where space is available in the same lot, crypt or niche, it will be reserved for the spouse of anyone already interred in that lot, crypt or niche.
  • The Last Surviving Direct Descendants can give interment sites back to the Cemetery in exchange for a letter showing the value.
  • Only the Original Purchaser(s) or their spouse can approve interments requiring more than one interment space (except when an oversized vault is required).
  • Only the Original Purchaser(s) of monuments or memorials can remove, relocate or replace them. Descendants can replace monuments that are damaged or need upgrading.

No less than 10% of the purchase price of all grave spaces, crypts and niches shall be deposited into special trust funds established for the perpetual care and maintenance of the Cemetery at an institution chosen by the Board of Managers in compliance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Patrons are encouraged to purchase monuments, vaults and other products or services through the Cemetery where all the proceeds are used solely for the maintenance or preservation of your Cemetery.

General Regulations - Purpose

  • All rules and regulations are designed for the protection of owners of interment rights, safety of visitors and employees and the over all appearance of the cemetery.
  • Management must consider at all times the over all aesthetics and appearance of all the burial sites and may remove any objects that detract or interfere with the safe operation, proper maintenance and appearance of the Cemetery.
  • The Cemetery at its expense, may, without any liability, correct any error that may have occurred in the placing or alignment of a foundation or a memorial or permanent structure.
We have these rules to maintain the dignity, reverence and safety in the Cemetery.
A. We welcome up to 3 remembrance items, per grave not including the funeral flowers from the following list:
  • Live flowers in containers 12 inches in diameter or smaller. For safety reasons, glass and porcelain containers cannot be used.
  • Artificial flowers attached to upright monuments or in metal or plastic vases inserted into the ground.
  • One flag or shepherds staff placed in line with upright monuments.
  • A flag must not be larger than 12″ x 18″ and inserted in a metal pipe holder not to exceed a combined height of 24″.
  • One solar light.
B. All items must be able to withstand the trimmer strings and be placed to allow the passage of mowers or they will be removed.
C. Mount Hebron Cemetery reserves the right to remove anything that does not conform to this policy as well as anything faded, damaged and unsightly including staffs and vases left empty.
D. The Cemetery is not responsible for theft or damage to anything placed on interment spaces.
E. To inquire about missing items, come to office in the Gatehouse.
We welcome Christmas decorations from December 1st through January 15th. Easels will only be allowed at this time (except funeral flowers). The Cemetery will remove all Christmas decorations after January 15th.
Old Mausoleum Crypts and Niches
A. To maintain the dignity and reverence of the mausoleum area, regulations permit only one vase purchased from the Cemetery on each crypt or niche.
B. The vase can contain only live or artificial flowers.
C. For safety reasons glass or porcelain cannot be placed anywhere.
D. The Cemetery reserves the right to remove any nonconforming item.
E. The Cemetery is not responsible for the theft or damage to anything placed on crypt or niche fronts.
F. Other than funeral flowers, nothing is allowed to be placed on the bricks or granite curb.

Visitors are prohibited from driving onto the grass and are asked to refrain from picking flowers, injuring shrubs and trees and to observe posted speed limits.

Bicycles, motorcycles, mopeds, scooters and similiar vehicles are prohibited within the Cemetery.

Pets are allowed in the Cemetery as long as they are on a leash. The owner must clean up and remove pet refuse from the Cemetery (do not place in trash baskets).

The public gates will be open daily during Daylight Savings Time from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Eastern Standard Time from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

No meeting, assembly, tours, service or parade shall be held in the Cemetery without the permission of the Superintendent.
All graves, crypts or niches must be opened and/or closed by Cemetery employees or authorized agents.
The Superintendent is in charge of the Cemetery at all times and is responsible for the enforcement of these rules and regulations. The Superintendent is empowered to forbid or postpone work when, in the Superintendents opinion, the condition of the ground is such that the work cannot be done without causing damage.
All prices, fees or charges shall be set by the Board of Managers.
Due to General Liability Insurance restrictions, patrons are not allowed to bring in or use powered mowers or trimmers or similar equipment.
No plantings of any kind are to be done without approval of the Grounds Committee of the Cemetery. The Cemetery shall have sole responsibility in the maintenance of the Cemetery including the decision of when and how shrubbery and trees are trimmed or removed.
Funeral service flowers may be removed by the cemetery employees after 5 days.
It shall be the responsibility of the lot owner to provide for the maintenance and upkeep of all monuments, bases, foundations, markers and/or any other ornamentations or structures on the lot.
Patrons and Memorial Dealers are advised that contracts for any work in the Cemetery are subject to the approval of the Superintendent.
All contracts for any work in the Cemetery are subject to the approval of the Superintendent.
All persons are reminded that the Cemetery grounds are devoted to the burial of the dead; provisions and penalties of the law, as provided by statute, will be enforced strictly in all cases of injury, disturbance and disregard of the rules.
The Board of Managers reserves the right to suspend, change, add or modify any rule or regulation.

Funeral Regulations

In consultation with the funeral directors and the bereaved family, the Superintendent shall set the date and time for all interments in the Cemetery or interment services in the Cemetery Chapel, following as closely as possible to the wishes of the family.

An order of interment shall be signed by a member or duly appointed representative of the family and witnessed by the Cemetery office personnel.

Lots, crypts or niches and unpaid perpetual care fees must be paid for before interments will be allowed.

Interments are to be scheduled so that the procession shall enter the Cemetery no later than 2:00 p.m. There will be an additional charge for Saturday or Sunday Services.

All in ground interments (traditional and cremation) require a burial vault. All vaults must be metal or concrete or a type approved by the Superintendent. No flat top vault lids will be allowed.

Memorials, Monuments or Permanent Structures

The Grounds Committee must approve the installation of the following:
  • Monuments / Memorials / Markers
  • Private Mausoleums / Columbaria / Benches
  • Flower Urns or any  Permanent Structures
Dealers must provide complete description, dimensions, material content, color, attachments and a sketch prior to final sale for approval. The Installation or erection of monuments or permanent structures will be in accordance with the course of descent unless authorized by Original Purchaser(s).

All foundations will be installed by Cemetery employees or authorized agents. There will be an Administration Fee for the installation of the foundation.

All monuments, memorials or permanent structures must be made of traditional materials such as marble, granite or bronze, or have special approval by the Superintendent and Grounds Committee.

Only Owners of the monuments may have them moved or removed with the approval of the Grounds Committee. The Cemetery at their expense may align or move monuments or memorials for maintenance and access.

All lots must be paid for before any monuments, memorials or related structures can be installed or erected.

Memorial dealers/contractors must report to the Cemetery Office prior to performing any work  on the grounds anywhere within the cast iron fence.

All work must be performed during normal operating hours Monday through Friday only.

All lettering, emblems, vase rings, etc. for installation on Mount Hebron owned Mausoleums, Columbariums and similar structures must be approved by, purchased through and installed by Mount Hebron Cemetery or authorized agents.

General Daniel Morgan Veterans' Cemetery

  • Veterans, service members, retired or active reserve component members, U.S. Merchant Meriners during WWII.
  • Spouses and dependent children such as a minor child under 18 years of age or an adult child incapable of supporting themselves due to physical or mental disability.
  • One gravesite may be purchased for a minor child on a pre-need basis. When child reaches the age of 19 they cannot be buried in the Veterans Cemetery. They can trade the gravesite for another site of equal value or less in another part of the Mount Hebron Cemetery.
  • Proof of service may be required.
You have to determine what type of monument you want before you can purchase an interment space.
  • One interment will be allowed in each Niche or Full size in-ground interment.
  • Two cremation interments in one grave are allowed in designated areas.
  • There can be one upright monument per grave or one double upright per two graves. One government issued monument or marker per grave. One grass marker per grave in designated areas only.
  • All monuments purchased or issued by the government must be approved for color design, lettering and carvings.
  • Traditional Gray Granite two piece (die & base uprights) may be purchased for use in designated areas. Along with purchased upright monuments veterans may have granite or bronze on granite grass markers at the foot of each grave.
  • Grass Markers will be of granite or bronze on granite.
  • Government provided uprights will be of light gray granite and are inscribed with the name of the deceased, branch of service, and the years of birth and death. Optional items that may be inscribed are military grade, rank or rate; war service such as (World War II) months and days of birth and death; an approved emblem of one’s belief; and text indicating valor awards. The Government does not pay for the installation of the headstone or footstone.
  • Religious emblems are limited to those approved by the U.S. Government.

Size of Purchased Uprights


Die 22” x 8” x 24”
Base 28” x 14” x 8”


Die 42” x 8”x 24”
Base 54” x 14” x 8”

Size of Purchased Uprights


24” x 12”

Bronze on Granite

24” x 12” Bronze on
28” x 16” Granite

  • An in-ground vase (installed in foundation) will be provided for by the Cemetery. No other kind of vase will be allowed.
In order to maintain uniformity and quality, all foundations will be done by Cemetery Employees.
  • Government issued or a matching government bronze plaque purchased, will be installed on all Niche doors by Cemetery Employees.
  • Flowers will be placed in the vase provided and not on the upright headstones.
  • The Veterans Cemetery will be purged of all faded, deteriorated flowers or flags two weeks before Memorial Day & Veterans Day in preparation for honoring the Veterans.
  • US Flags only, 12”x 18” in size and inserted in a slot provided for in foundation of upright monument only.
  • Out of respect to other veterans interred in the Veterans Cemetery, additional ornaments or decorations cannot be placed on monuments, niche fronts or grave sites.
  • General Regulations applying to Mount Hebron not specifically addressed here will also apply.

Memorials, Gifts and Bequests

In addition to the deposits into the perpetual care fund, any individual may make contributions to those trust funds for the overall care of the Cemetery. Any such contributions will be deposited with all other funds in the trust and shall be applied for the continued general improvement, maintenance, repair and operation of your Cemetery. In no case shall any such deposit or gift be construed as a contract to provide for the care of any individual interment space.
The Board of Managers shall have full power and authority to determine for what purposes and in what proportions the income from the perpetual care funds shall be expended within the general limitations that all such income shall be applied for the perpetual care of the Cemetery.
Lot Owners and their families are encouraged to make memorial gifts and bequests for the long term upkeep for the beautification and capital improvements to the Cemetery.  These memorials can be for trees or other specific items subject to Board approval. Bequests and other contributions may be made to Mount Hebron Cemetery and may qualify for tax deductions under 501(C)(3) United States Tax Code.
These rules and regulations are designed for the protection of owners of interment rights. Their enforcement will help protect your cemetery and create and preserve it’s beauty. All owners of interment rights, visitors and contractors shall be subject to said rules and regulations, amendments, or alterations.
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